What would we do without Maple Syrup?

Maple Syrup  - Canada's sweetest tradition

Canadian Maple Syrup

Well without maple syrup what could I put on my pancakes? Seriously though can not imagine a food cupboard without this staple in it. I was brought up on it and so has husband and my son.

For anyone not aware of maple syrup let me give you a brief introduction and some links so you can correct that. Maple syrup is of original aboriginal descent. Although the origins are not clear it is known that the tree sap was collected and then frozen repeatedly, removing the ice so the sugar concentrated in the original sap. This link is  a nice explanation of how it is made. Actually been to the Mclachlan family Maple Syrup Camp and Pancake House ( mentioned in the link) a few years ago, really worth a visit if you are over in Ontaria but only open February to April – always check before a visit.

There is endless possibilities to the use of maple syrup in recipes, this link gives you 57 of them..my favourite is the granola and maple caramel pretzels, whats yours?

One of the things that interests me, is the association of maple syrup to health. It is well-known that it is packed full of anti oxidants and vitamins but did you know it can also lower blood sugar? Maple syrup is lower on the glycemic index than normal sugar. It also has zinc which is necessary for a health immune system and magnesium that is vital for bone health. All in all one of the good foods, always knew that as my mother told me so!!!

1908 Roland Reed Photo of a Ojibwe woman tapping maple syrup

Tapping for Maple Syrup in the early 1900’s

What is your favourite recipe using maple syrup, sweet or savoury? Let me know.


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