What are you doing for Canada Day?

A good book and a comfy chair and of course a good glass of redWell I will be reading; sat in my comfortable new chair with a big glass of good red wine – thinking Megalomaniac Wines Red Blend Cabernet .  Found a review of this wine in 2011 and fell in love with it, still enjoying it today. Hubby is on call, son is off with his mates to The Forks, wasn’t too sure about it but he is 17 and a responsible lad (I hope). We will be all gathering at my mum and dads for tea at 8pm so I have nearly all day to myself..luxury!

For those non Canadians reading this (wouldn’t that be nice) Canada day or Fête du Canada is on the 1st July and celebrates the uniting of three colonies into what is today’s Canada via the enactment of the Constitution Act 1867, also known as the British North America Act, 1867.  It is a National holiday and celebrated all over Canada.

As I said my celebration is a treat to myself, going to indulge in reading the 10th novel in a series by Michelle Sagara, ‘Cast in Flame’. I have read all of the novels in the series except for this one and there is a new one due out in November this year, Yea! I have been reading Michelle, who is a Japanese-Canadian, for years and have all of her novels. Michelle publishes under three names Sagara, West (her husband’s name) and Sagara West. My favourite books of hers are  of course the Elantra Series . Have you read any of hers, if so which are your favourites?

Six of Michelle Sagara Elantra Series Novels


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