In the mood for British Humour…

Equal Rites (Discworld, #3; Witches #1) Fabulous series of books.

Well I throughly enjoyed reading new novel last month, now onto some oldies but goodies. Are you like me get a mood on me for a certain read, sometimes a book, sometimes an author? Well I do; this month it has been Terry Pratchett, a wonderful humorous British author who unfortunately died early 2015. The wonderful man suffered from early onset Alzheimer’s which he called his ’embuggeration’. I love his Discworld series, actually starting with the third one in the series ‘Equal Rites‘ about a young witch saving the world. I love his tongue in cheek approach and his wonderful world filled with crazy and identifiable characters. Lucky me got for my birthday (from my every patient and understanding hubby), the Complete Collection of Discworld DVD’s– a collection of film adaptations of his books and they are great! The animations are not as good as the ones with David Jason in; my favourite is ‘Going Postal’. I love British Humour first saw David Jason during a visit to the UK in a long time series called Only Fools and Horses. In fact I am leaving this post today to have a bit of nostalgia as I have my coffee and watch some more of the series via You Tube.

Only Fools and Horses, BBC Series that run for a number of years. Full of British humour.

David Jason, Only Fools and Horses


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