A Visit to The Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Canadian Museum of Human Rights - fabulous eyecatching building designed by the architect Antoine Predock

Canadian Museum of Human Rights

How was everyone’s summer? Well August? I had a great time as had family over from France. Nephew and niece came over for the first time since they where little. Both are 18 now, where does time fly. So we did a few touristy things that was actually good fun. Seeing the city through new eyes is also a treat, I think you tend to forget what you have on your doorstep when you are living and working in a place. I thought I would give a mention to some of the places I have re discovered and I am planning to not ‘forget’ again in my next few posts.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights; this just has to be top of any visitors list, it’s a fabulous day out. I actually have never got around to visiting despite every time I saw its outline I would say,” I really must go and see what is happening there’. The architecture stands out, designed by Antione Predock, it is modern, attractive and certainly eye-catching. The museum states ‘it will take you on a journey of education and inspiration unlike anything you’ve experienced before’. It certainly did just that, we had planned a morning there but stayed more or less the whole day. Do not plan this in any itinerary without allowing enough time to appreciate what is included there. I enjoyed it so much I have booked for us as a family on the Mikinak-Keya Spirit Tour, which explores rights and responsibilities from the First Nations perspective. I am really looking forward to it. I guess I am gushing a bit over the museum but I cannot recommend it enough, I am not going to take you on a step by step tour you need to go yourself and experience it. The visit led to some very interesting conversations with the family. One fact I was not aware of was that women were not allowed o officially register for marathons before 1972, I really had not realised that, just seems something we have always done, I was quite shocked and I am not sure why?

Anyone else been to the museum, what were your experiences?


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