Books and Giveaways.

Book giveaways on a number of sites along with ARC's

Well bit late in the day but I hope everyone had a super Christmas and New Year. I certainly did very traditional with lots of family time, quality food and drinking, mainly eggnog – I think I have mentioned I am a bit of a eggnog addict!

January is always a bit of a downer isn’t it but mine has been has been worse than normal as my car died! Yea sad really, got it fixed but cost me an arm and a leg thank goodness for payday loans, I used Ferratum Ca if anyone looking for a loan company I thought it was the best out of the ones I looked at and i have been very happy with their service. Other than that and a cold mid month everything is OK and I have had my new mini IPad 4 to play with. I downloaded Kindle for the IPad and since then I have been spending my vouchers and downloading a veritable library of must have books. I have also got myself signed up with Net Gallery. For those of you who have not come across this before it is a site where authors and publishers introduce new books. You can request to become an ARC reader. ARC – advanced reader copy lets readers have an copy of a book to review. You might have seen this on Amazon or Goodreads reviews…”I received this book in return for an honest opinion etc etc”. Net Gallery is one of the sites that this can be done. You can even get a badge but I am still in the early stages of this so will see how it goes. You write up your review on the site and they do ask if you will also place it on Amazon and Goodreads.  I have read three from there now, one I totally disliked (a first for me) and one that I stayed up all night reading enjoyed it so much; on the third book now. I don’t like to write the story when I review although a lot of people do. I prefer to give my impressions on the story how it grabs (or doesn’t grab) me, the style and the overall storyline. I would be interested in what others think is a good review, does it spill the entire story or simply conveys your reasons for liking or disliking the book? I am looking to improve my review writing so input would be gratefully received.

I have also discovered a great site with some free giveaways and chance to win a lot more. It is DiscoverScFi, really recommend you go take a look and get in with a chance of winning. I received the book Nomad when I joined and I am just about to start reading it. Will give you a review next time.


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