Kelley Armstrong and baked goodies: A match made in heaven

A Kelley Armstrong novel goes perfectly with cake

I love baking. Nothing beats the satisfaction of opening the oven door to reveal a steaming cake, pie or batch of cookies that you whipped up a little while earlier. Martha Stewart has some great easy recipes for beginners. One of the best things about baking is how easily you can vary your favourite recipes by using different spices, fruits, chocolates, nuts…. The varieties are endless. Like the best bakers, I love eating too!

On a rainy spring afternoon I enjoy curling up with a freshly baked goodie, a hot drink and a good book. At the moment, one of my favourite authors is Kelley Armstrong. A native of Ontario, she combines imaginative use of supernatural creatures with a backdrop of typical Canadian life, not to mention thrilling plots! A particular favourite of mine is the Women of the Otherworld Series. Although she is most famous for fantasy work, Kelley armstrong also writes non fantasy, particularly in the areas of crime, horror and romance. A word or warning: Kelley Armstrong writes some serious page turners. If you pick one up while you have something baking, make sure to set the alarm on your oven timer to full volume!


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