Cooking tips for beginners: How to become a great home chef


Ever wondered what those cooking tips for beginners are, that help makes the process of cooking enjoyable? Everyone starts somewhere, and although there can be a lot to learn for the novice, there are some tips you can rely on that will add a little touch to the whole process. Cooking tips for beginners are

  1. Preparation – Half of cooking is all about preparation or ‘prep’ as it is known. Do your prep the night before for ease of mind when you are in the kitchen.
  2. Seasoning – Always season meat as evenly as possible and avoid clumping, this ensures even cooking.
  3. Sealing the spices – Keep your spices sealed and stored in a dark place; spices lose their potency in light and heat.
  4. Take your own time – Try boiling pasta to one minute before the recommended time on the package, this gives a true ‘alienate’ result.
  5. Thaw the butter before use – For baking, let the butter stand for a few hours to become soft, this helps produce a better dough.

There are endless ways to become a great home chef; these are just a couple of tips to help you cook better.


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