Top 3 Canadian Food Dishes

Canada is known abroad for many things – great hockey players, amazing nature and really polite citizens for starters. It is not the first country you think about when “delicious cuisine” is mentioned, though. That is a shame! Canadian food dishes are definitely not known well enough and thus underrated by many. Have you ever heard about Canadian bacon or butter tarts? Read along for a quick ride through some of Canada’s staples and find out why Canadian cuisine is easy to love. First of all, if you ever find yourself in Quebec, be sure to try poutine. It’s a take on fries; that will change your way of thinking about potatoes forever. A portion of those yellow delicacies, covered with cheese and gravy. Yum! Another of the Canadian food dishes everyone must try at least once in their life are the aforementioned butter tarts. A crunchy and sweet pastry ideal for a dessert. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous and bored with your standard chicken stew, try one made from caribou meat. A caribou is a type of reindeer found in the Canadian mountains and very popular in the surrounding regions. So why not try the taste of Canada?

Canadian food dishes. Try a strawberry butter tart!


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