Cooking tips for beginners: How to become a great home chef


Ever wondered what those cooking tips for beginners are, that help makes the process of cooking enjoyable? Everyone starts somewhere, and although there can be a lot to learn for the novice, there are some tips you can rely on that will add a little touch to the whole process. Cooking tips for beginners are

  1. Preparation – Half of cooking is all about preparation or ‘prep’ as it is known. Do your prep the night before for ease of mind when you are in the kitchen.
  2. Seasoning – Always season meat as evenly as possible and avoid clumping, this ensures even cooking.
  3. Sealing the spices – Keep your spices sealed and stored in a dark place; spices lose their potency in light and heat.
  4. Take your own time – Try boiling pasta to one minute before the recommended time on the package, this gives a true ‘alienate’ result.
  5. Thaw the butter before use – For baking, let the butter stand for a few hours to become soft, this helps produce a better dough.

There are endless ways to become a great home chef; these are just a couple of tips to help you cook better.


How to cook perfect barbecue vegetable kebabs

How to cook perfect barbecue vegetable kebabs

Summer is the time for barbecues and being outdoors with family and friends. It is a fantastic time of year – from the weather to the clothes we wear to the activities we can participate in. However, every summer I become overloaded with steak and chicken and sausages on the barbecue. By the end of summer, I can feel myself craving some fresh vegetables and healthy treats. If you feel the same as me, this is the blog you need to be reading because I am going to tell you about the 5 Flavour Trends you need to try when barbecuing vegetable this summer. The very first one you need to try is barbecue vegetable kebabs. Barbecue vegetable kebabs are just like traditional kebabs except they are loaded with beautiful, healthy vegetables. The second tip I have for you to get vegetables in your diet this summer is to create a grilled vegetable platter with seasonal herbs and spices. You can add any vegetable you want to the platter and season to your own taste. Why not try bacon-wrapped asparagus as an entree at your next outdoor dinner party? You will keep the meat lovers happy and also fulfil your vegetable craving. There is nothing better in summer than corn on the barbecue, why not trying spicing things up this summer by adding cilantro-lime butter to the mix? For the fussy eaters in your life, you can’t pass up on pesto-filled grilled peppers. They are a hit with the little kids and infused with goodness. Happy barbecuing, and enjoy your time in the sun!